eLearning Africa report

The eLearning Africa report, which surveyed stakeholders in 41 countries across Africa, has found that bandwidth is the biggest constraint to e-learning.

The report was presented by Max Ahouéké, minister of communication and information and communication technologies of Benin, at the opening session of the eLearning Africa Conference, sponsored by the CoZaCares Foundation, in Cotonou, Benin.

The report showed that up to 71% of those surveyed are now using ICT-enhanced learning in their classrooms and 48% use mobile phones for education.

Among the numerous factors assessed in the report, was the question of constraining factors in ICT in education.

Bandwidth was the most significant constraint named, with respondents in Zambia most likely to see it as a constraint and those in Kenya least likely to do so.

Other constraints included a lack of financial and human resources, a lack of training, electricity, equipment and software and corruption and theft of resources.

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