Azure in SA to drive business growth

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner DAC Systems believes the launch of two Microsoft Azure data centres in South Africa will provide the African market with much-needed momentum when it comes to cloud adoption.

“Slow latency and regulatory restrictions on where sensitive data is stored have contributed to slower than expected business migration to the cloud. Fortunately, the arrival of these Azure data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town will fundamentally change this, reshaping the cloud environment in Africa,” says Gary Regan, Chief Operating Officer at DAC Systems.

Microsoft customers can save significantly when moving their existing Windows Server licenses to Azure. For example, using existing licenses, companies can save up to 49% on Windows Server virtual machines on Azure, dependant on usage, instance type, and location.

“Microsoft is delivering all the benefits of the cloud to a local market looking to benefit from Azure services that have low latency, are priced in the local currency, and reflect the needs of the South African market. Using Azure, businesses can not only modernise their applications with the flexibility that the cloud provides but can also leverage things like machine-learning and artificial intelligence thanks to the processing power of these data centres.”

Beyond the operational benefits the cloud brings to companies, the investment by an organisation like Microsoft into the cloud market in South Africa is significant.

“This shows not only local decision-makers the seriousness Microsoft takes in making data centres locally available to companies, but also highlights the opportunities the company sees in the African market when it comes to the cloud.”

Already, there are several Azure products available with solutions like Office 365 and Dynamics 365 expected to launch later this year. Having such secure and resilient offerings in Africa will give further impetus to the shift towards a digital landscape.

“With these centres servicing South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and Angola, Microsoft has delivered the first hyperscale cloud offering to the continent with more expected to follow over the course of the next year. As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, we are eagerly anticipating more demand for cloud-based solutions as we work with our customers to develop offerings that meet their specific needs,” concludes Regan.

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