Argility adds Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) capability to its range of expertise

Digital transformation specialist Argility has signed a strategic partnership with OpenSector (Pty) Ltd., Inuvika’s distribution partner for Africa.  This move positions Argility as a leading open source software solution provider for application delivery supporting Inuvika Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) range of products.

Inuvika OVD is an application virtualisation platform that delivers users’ applications and data, securely from the cloud to any device.

Paul Swartz, divisional executive at Argility, says that the organisation opted for OVD because it has been developed to focus on delivering only the applications users require while other solutions have been built on the VDI principle which attempts to virtualise the entire desktop software stack.  “With VDI, application delivery and management are far more complex and often utilise tools and functionality that have been built outside of the base system.  This additional complexity increases costs and administration without delivering the core of what the user wants, which is fast and secure access to their applications and data.

 “In contrast Inuvika’s innovative, OVD technology, connects people with information by providing on-demand access to virtual desktops and applications from any device on any operating system.  Inuvika’s software transforms the way applications and information is delivered by moving them to the cloud, helping to streamline IT and introducing new ways of working.”

Swartz says this flexibility enables a service based approach to app delivery. “It also provides greater controls over application licences and consequently better management ensuring that organisations purchase only the licences they require to support their environment.”

He emphasises that Inuvika OVD solutions provide a scalable and powerful infrastructure that enables IT to transform the way it delivers and manages applications and desktops.  “The technology assists businesses to reduce IT complexity and therefore, the overheads associated with traditional delivery methods.”

According to Swartz the addition of OVD capabilities to Argility’s IT solutions for business is not only a strategic fit for the company but also enhances the service experience it provides to clients who are looking to digitally transform their businesses. “It is of course about focusing on the experience and not only the transaction,” Swartz concludes.


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