Apptivate Africa partners with Koko Network to ease delivery of clean fuel in Nairobi

Digital Lunch Voucher provider, Apptivate Africa, has partnered with Koko Networks to deliver clean and affordable cooking energy to food joints across Nairobi.

The partnership is expected to ensure affordable access for vendors to a modern, clean and convenient cooking solution amidst rising living costs.

Of the more than 300 restaurants and food kiosks listed on M-Kula, 60 food vendors will be the first beneficiaries of this initiative, and can save around Sh400 per day on cooking fuel expenses when they migrate from the use of charcoal and wood fuel to the ultra-safe, modern and clean KOKO Cooker, which now retails for just Sh4,500.

Neil Ribeiro, CEO of Apptivate Africa, explained that the partnership is aligned with the firm’s mission to contribute to the better health and well-being of employees, while helping merchants on M-Kula grow their businesses.

“We believe that when our merchants use greener, safer and more affordable cooking energy, it will result in cleaner meals, healthier and more productive employees, and more profitable businesses,'' Ribeiro said.

According to the Kenyan Ministry of Health, more than 400 Kenyans die every week from diseases attributable to indoor air pollution, with more than 21,500 deaths every year.

“KOKO Fuel is all about convenience, safety and affordability, and it has already proved to be extremely popular amongst the food kiosks of Nairobi.

By saving money on cooking fuel, Apptivate subscribers can grow their business, for example by increasing capacity, or broadening their range of menu items.

The initiative enables customised installment plans so vendors can conveniently manage the cost of switching to KOKO Fuel without straining their pockets.

Merchants decide on how many Cookers they would like to have, and a payment plan is created with installments from as little as Sh200 per day. There is an option to make a one-off payment, if the buyer prefers.

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