Alexander Heinrich, Head of Global System Integration in charge of Africa at Allianz Technology

Abidjan, the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire, has recently welcomed Allianz Technology Africa (AZTA) which bursts into the continent to set out its information and technology (IT) leadership.

Allianz Africa said it has launched AZTA with the vision of equitably sharing Allianz’s technological assets with its entities in Africa.

AZTA said it would provide IT services exclusively to Allianz Africa operational entities. 

Allianz Technology is the global IT provider for Allianz with more than 10 000 employees located in 36 countries. 

The entity oversees the full spectrum of information systems and digitalisation including large IT infrastructure projects, data centres, networks, security and application platforms, among others.

Reports from Abidjan say the launch is the result of a process initiated at the end of 2020 and of many months of collaboration between Allianz Technology, Allianz SE as well as different departments of the Allianz Africa hub.

AZTA is expected to strengthen the role of Allianz Africa IT teams and enable them to better support the region’s transformation while providing more value to local businesses. 

Concretely, Allianz Technology delivers full-scale solutions for Allianz in the digital age. 

“Our IT colleagues will have the opportunity to work in a big community of experts, providing the entire Allianz Group with excellent services in terms of technology and innovation,” Cécile Lebrun, Africa Programme Lead at Allianz Technology, said in a statement.  

Present in Africa for more than 100 years, Allianz is one of the world's leading insurers and asset managers.

The launch of Allianz Technology's activities in Africa symbolises the beginning of a new phase in its expansion on the continent 

An elated Alexander Heinrich, Head of Global System Integration in charge of Africa at Allianz Technology, said the Allianz Technology family was looking forward to new collaborations and achievements by providing Allianz entities in Africa with global IT solutions, in line with Allianz global digitalisation strategy.

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