Gozem, the ride-hailing app offering transportation services via motorcycles, tricycles and cars in West and Central Africa, has today taken one step further towards becoming Africa’s all-inclusive super app.

With the launch of e-commerce delivery services, users in Lome and Cotonou can not only use Gozem to move around in their cities but can also order groceries, gas canisters, and other items directly via the Gozem app and have them delivered to a desired location.

This new service comes at a time of social distancing, lockdowns, & curfews across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gozem’s e-commerce services therefore help users to stay safe and continue to provide for their basic living needs from the comfort and security of their homes.

To benefit from this new functionality, users simply download the latest version of the Gozem app, navigate to the Shopping section of the menu, choose their desired vendor and items, confirm their shopping cart and delivery details, and place their order, paying via Gozem’s digital wallet. A Gozem driver will then deliver the ordered items directly to the client.

“We’re delighted to now launch this new service and create additional value for our customers in Cotonou, Benin and Lome, Togo. Using the same Gozem app they already have, Gozem users in Lome and Cotonou can now order supermarket items from the safety of their own homes and have them delivered.

This takes us one step closer towards our ambition of positively impacting users’ lives by offering them a variety of valuable services in addition to a safe and reliable transportation offering," said Gozem Co-Founder Emeka Ajene.

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