Malawi’s leading telecom operator Airtel Malawi has reviewed its prepaid tariffs including the Pay As You Go and its popular weekly and monthly bundles.

This comes after there has been a public outcry over internet data costs which were beyond the reach of many in the wake of the global pandemic, Coronavirus, where all services have migrated to online platforms.

The newly appointed Information minister Gospel Kazako, in mid-July, directed Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority to engage the telecoms providers concerning these high internet data costs.

“Effective 3rd August 2020, we will reduce our data PayGo rate from Kwacha15 per megabyte ($0.020) to Kwacha5 per megabyte ($0.0067). We will also increase the volume on your favourite daily volume, weekly volume and WhatsApp bundles,” Airtel Malawi announced on Twitter on Sunday.

“This means you get more data for the same price.” In a joint press briefing with Kazako on Thursday in Lilongwe, Airtel Malawi managing director Charles Kamoto said the decision had been influenced by the growing concerns from their users.

Kazako said the internet is a major aspect of the social and economic lives of the citizens.“Affordable internet prices will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and its government’s aim to make life affordable and enjoyable,” he said.

Locally owned telecom operator Telekom Networks Malawi in mid July announced that it had slashed its tariffs but it turned out that it was only Pay As You Go tariffs. Yet, the majority in Malawi do not access the internet via airtime but using internet data bundles.

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