Airtel Malawi launches thematic campaign

By Gregory Gondwe, Blantyre, Malawi

One of Malawi's two mobile telecommunications providers, Airtel Malawi, has launched a new thematic campaign dubbed 'Muli Bwanji?' a local language greeting meaning 'How are you?' aimed at depicting the warmth and love that is synonymous with Malawians.

Isabel Kachinjika, Airtel's Brands and Communication Manager said this is the company's way of showing the positive values of Malawian people.

"Unlike the promotions where subscribers are involved in this particular campaign we will just be running different messages on radios, television, newspapers and different websites about how humble and peace loving Malawians are," she said.

In essence she says the campaign will look at all the values of the Malawi people.

A statement issued to announce the campaign launch says Airtel has decided to name the campaign "Muli Bwanji" because in Malawi a simple greeting represents the power of love, care, warmth and peace.

"As a brand we are part of the daily lives of our customers' and in Malawi, wherever you go, a simple greeting carries so much value," the statement says.

Among other things, it says 'Muli Bwanji?' celebrates the cultural diversity and co-existence across the country as it acknowledges the range of values and languages that exist in Malawi.

"Airtel further acknowledged that as a brand, it is destined to champion the favourable attributes that Malawians are so well known for namely, being a warm, friendly and happy people that love sharing, treasure the little they have and always take pride in helping one another," Kachinjika says.

And fundamentally, she says, when someone greets another, it shows a genuine interest in the wellbeing of another.

"So today, Airtel is asking you, "Muli Bwanji?" and encouraging you to also reach out to the people that matter most in your life," she says.

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