Airtel Ghana MD urges youth: ‘strive for excellence’

The Managing Director of Airtel Ghana, Lucy Quist, has called on all to blaze their own trail through persistence in the pursuit of their dreams.

“My advice to all is to try – whatever you do, whatever the situation continue trying something new, new ideas, location, opportunities; but whatever it is, please try. If it works out, you may fly with it; if it doesn’t work out, you learn from it. Inactivity, inaction is not an option. Try and grab opportunities as they come,” she stated.

Lucy Quist made this statement when she featured as a key business leader on the Leaders’ Digest Series of the Springboard radio programme on Joy 99:7 FM. She shared her life’s journey and what values and experiences have contributed to her success so far.

According to her, one’s circumstances should not be a limitation on how far one can dream or achieve in life; people should rise above their circumstances and challenge themselves to be better in all ventures.

Springboard is a thematic radio seminar by Legacy & Legacy in partnership with Joy 99.7FM. It is the pacesetter in media education in Ghana, principally targeting CEOs, professionals and corporate executives who share their story in order to inspire the youth to aspire to greater heights.

Lucy Quist described her key values as integrity, generosity and excellence. To her, integrity means being consistent and true to oneself in all circumstances; the virtue that others can honestly vouch for because they know what you stand for.

According to her, generosity was at the heart of what she does, mainly because she has over the years been a recipient of other people’s generosity. “My leaders saw my potential and were willing to invest by giving me the necessary support through coaching and mentoring. So, treating others to the same standards is very important to me,” she added. The final value she cherishes is excellence, which she describes as being different and out-performing herself in relation to her previous achievements. To her, if her potential can take her further, she will strive to reach that goal and beyond. 

Lucy Quist disclosed that she was very excited to be working at Airtel Ghana at this stage in her career because the organization shares her values. “Airtel believes in identifying talent in different areas of endeavor and supporting them to be the best at what they do. This, she said, informs most of Airtel Ghana’s corporate social responsibility programmes, including Touching Lives, Airtel Rising Stars and Make a Difference Day, which is an Airtel employee initiative whereby they give to the communities in which they live.

At the end of the interview, the host of the programme, Rev. Albert Ocran listed the ten commandments of Lucy Quist as follows:

10 commandments of Lucy Quist

  1. Parental orientation – her parents guiding her on her journey
  2. Career dynamics – (Mavis, please see the springboard article for this)
  3. Partnership – (Mavis, please see the springboard article/facebook page for this)
  4. Positioning – being at the right place at the right time
  5. Mentoring – worked with people who saw the good in her and challenged her to be the best she could be
  6. Her three core values – generosity, excellence and integrity
  7. Failure – a great learning opportunity
  8. Composite leadership – everybody in one’s life adds their own unique contribution and all these things working together make one the full blown leader they become
  9. Colleagues will describe her are warm and tough
  10. Try – whatever the situation

Legacy and Legacy, organisers of the Springboard programme says the Leaders Digest series will continue to feature renowned heads of institutions and leaders of distinction in society to share with listeners the secrets of their success, their core values and the lessons learnt from their respective areas of operation.

They explained that at the end of the series, they plan to collate and plot a graph of the most recurring virtues and attributes of leaders in the country.

This, they said, was expected to serve as a barometer for business leaders and a guide to emerging executives seeking to climb the ladder of success in their respective fields or professions.


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