Airtel debuts direct purchasing on facebook

Airtel Ghana, after partnering with Facebook to offer the exciting Free Facebook service to its customers in Ghana, has introduced yet another innovative service that allows a customer to directly purchase bundles on Facebook without going offline to purchase via the short code *125#. This smart addition to the service would make it easy for customers to access other Facebook features and other internet services.

The direct bundle purchase is another phase of the Free Facebook offer on the Airtel network that has been rolled out onto the market for customers to enjoy convenience and a wealth of information available on the internet. The addition also aims at sustaining and growing the buzz around the Free Facebook service which has revolutionized access to the internet and data usage in telecommunications across Africa.

Data Business Director at Airtel, Jean Claude Domilongo Bope,  said, “We have been at the forefront of the data revolution in Ghana and we want to solidify that with the introduction of innovative products that serve the growing demands of our customers to stay more connected and informed”.

He added “Airtel has in store more innovative data products for our customers to share moments, chat, connect with the rest of the world, make friends and more absolutely free only on Airtel. Therefore, we urge you to continue to stay connected with the Smartest Network for Your Smartphone for more goodies”.

Explaining the mechanisms of the service the Director of Data Business added that “when customers visit Facebook and click on paid contents such as videos, Facebook calls and accessing external links on Facebook , a bundle purchase interface pops up with two bundle offers (depending on the type of phone and its expected usage). Customers select their preferred bundle and immediately receive a purchase confirmation message.”

The bundles can only be purchased via airtime and balance can be checked by dialing *125#. Bundles available on this service are 30MB, 200MB, 750MB and 2GB.

This partnership with Facebook will make it easier for people to access basic internet services.  Through Facebook’s app, Airtel customers using mobile internet capable devices will now be able to access a set of free services in categories such as health, education, communication, jobs, and local information.

Airtel Ghana is also known in the data industry as pacesetters through its introduction of many innovative data services. Notably among these value added services are Browse Chaw and dual scratch card, which enables consumers to load voice or data as well as the rolling over of data bundles which allows consumers to roll over their unused data before it expires.



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