Airtel connects seven more schools for free

Airtel this week connected seven schools in Mombasa and Central regions as part of its efforts to support Kenya’s education system through its ambitious and unique Internet for Schools project.     

Internet for Schools is Airtel’s community flagship program designed to provide internet connectivity to millions of students in the country especially those who cannot afford the cost of connection.  This is part of Airtel's commitment to ensuring that communities are able to leverage the information, access and content that the internet provides.

This now means that over 3600 students from these schools now join over 250,000 students from different schools across the country that continue to receive free 24 hours connectivity to the internet, allowing them to access unlimited amounts of information to broaden their learning.   

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi noted that; “Information and communications technology (ICT) has become a vital part of every child’s education. The power of the internet is invaluable and connectivity has the potential to transform education, inspiring students to improve in their studies and become successful people in life. It’s an investment in our children’s collective future that we believe will yield excellent rewards.”    

With over 100 schools across the country already connected to the internet for free benefiting over 300,000 students, Airtel is confident that the Internet for schools project will help sustain the outstanding matric results at the schools.  

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