Africell DRC: high speed internet in January 2015

By Issa Sikiti da Silva, DRC

Mobile operator Africell will launch its high speed internet services (3G) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in January 2015, top official Stanley Mbayo told journalists, senior managers and employees gathered on Wednesday at the company headquarters in the capital Kinshasa.

Speaking at the year-end function in the suburb of Gombe, Mbayo said the Congolese public were in for a big surprise in 2015 because a high speed internet service was coming their way via what he called  a ‘real’ 3G service and at an affordable price.

 “We are all waiting for that big surprise,” Africell user Willy Massamba said in the popular township of Matonge. “I’m sure they will blow the internet market away with their prices.”

Back in August, a reliable company source told Biztechafrica that Africell would launch its internet service towards the end of the year.

 “Yes, we were supposed to launch 3G service in December year, but we had to postpone it for some technical reasons. However, we were told at a meeting held mid-week that a high speed internet is definitely coming in January,” an insider told Biztechafrica on Friday.

 “All our branches are bracing themselves for the launch,” the source added.

Mbayo said Africell had big dreams for 2015, one of them was to position itself towards becoming the market leader in this vast Central African nation.

While Airtel and Vodacom seem to be fighting neck-to-neck with about 10 million users each in the DRC, Africell DRC says in its Facebook page that it boasts over six million users.

 “Africell is not used to be playing second-fiddle to anyone. We are the leader in Gambia and Sierra Leone, and it will be the same thing in 2015 in the DRC because this country has such magnificent people,” he said.

Africell launched its operations in the DRC in June 2012, but it has yet to get an interconnection.


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