Africa’s best Android apps this year

By Carole Kimutai, Nairobi, Kenya

Google has announced the finalists of Android Developer Challenge for Sub Saharan Africa.

Entries were received from 19 African countries and 28 semi-finalists were selected.

South Africa had eight finalists, followed by Kenya with seven finalists. West Africa had entries from Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. Nigeria had the highest with five.

All finalists from Africa will be awarded a new Android mobile device, and will have the opportunity to better their applications with help from Googlers from around the world, who will provide mentoring and advice to teams. Finalists will have until August 30th to submit final versions of their apps.

Below are the finalists by country:

Entertainment / Media / Games

  • Human Droid, Kenya - a game that lets players battle one another virtually while in the same physical location.
  • What’s Happening?Kenya - an events and entertainment finder in Nairobi that could be customized for other cities.
  • MatatuUganda - a two player competitive card game.
  • Slate RacerSouth Africa - a time trial racing game.
  • Gliese - South Africa, a 2D platformer game.
  • Bawo Board Game, South Africa - an app for a popular African board game.
  • AfrinollyNigeria - an app to watch African movie trailers and track the stars.
  • Ha!! Buggy, Senegal - a fast-paced racing game.
  • AyoNigeria - an app for an ancient board game of strategy from West Africa.

Social Networking / Communication

  • SMS Tweetbox, Kenya - an app that connects smartphone and non-smartphone users through SMS.
  • SeekikaKenya - a mobile audio storytelling application.
  • OlalasheKenya - an open source SOS and alerting mapping app.
  • DribbleSouth Africa - a geo-social networking service that allows users to leave location-based messages.
  • CnectdSouth Africa - a cross-platform mobile messaging app for smartphones.
  • Setswana PhrasesMalawi - a phrase dictionary of the Setswana language.
  • NomadTogo - an app that pushes notifications for a social network called Oasis.
  • TextOnMotionNigeria - an app that allows you to navigate and text at the same time.
  • Yandda!Nigeria - an app that engraves your signature at any location for others to discover.

Productivity / Tools / Local / Geo

  • GPS Tanzania GuideTanzania - a tourist and business guide to Tanzania.
  • Shoppers' DelightKenya - an app that assists shoppers, comparing prices across several supermarkets.
  • Rush HourKenya - an app that helps drivers navigate the streets of Nairobi with speed and safety.
  • Wedding PlandroidSouth Africa - an app that makes planning a wedding easy and helps brides and grooms prepare for their big day.
  • BookaSouth Africa - an app that helps locate nearest car dealers, book a car in for a service, and track the progress of a service request.
  • SpotItSouth Africa - an app that lets users find and report animals while on safari.
  • UniDayzGhana - an app that helps university students better manage and prioritise their coursework.
  • Breeze Through ServiceNigeria - an app that enables services providers to improve the quality of their services and strategic business decisions.
  • Wise AfricaRepublic of Guinea - an African proverbs crowdsourcing app for Android.
  • EsokoGhana - a market app for agricultural goods that allows users to track inventory and find the best prices.
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