A specialised agency of African Union in the field of  telecommunications, African Telecommunications Union (ATU), has launched an innovative challenge aimed at creating opportunities for youths on the continent.

This comes in the wake of the global pandemic Coronavirus that has left young people in a deep socio-economic crisis. 

“The ATU Africa Innovation Challenge 2020 is an initiative that seeks to provide both short and long-term solutions and opportunities to the African Youth,” Alice Koech, ATU program coordinator told Biztech Africa.

“With increased suppression of the social fabric in many communities in Africa as a result of Covid-19, and in consideration of the fact that a large population of Africa are youths who are generally living in difficult conditions, the competition promotes the idea that the ability for countries’ readiness for digital solutions, could significantly help address some of these challenges.”

Speaking during the virtual launch which took place on the 20th August 2020, Bienvenu Agbokponto Soglo, a government and policy director for Africa at Intel Corporation, said they hope to make technology inclusive to all in Africa.

“We hope to revolutionize how technology will improve health and safety and make technology fully inclusive and expand digital readiness in a sustainable and enabling way,” he said.

The innovative challenge, that will run from the 20th of August to the 14th of October this year, is anticipating innovations designed with the ability to respond to societal issues, and in particular, offer unique solutions to the continent  during the Coronavirus era.

It is expected to be instrumental in identifying, testing and highlighting innovative adaptation approaches with potential to be replicated and scaled up through cooperation with institutional investors, bilateral or multilateral providers of finance.

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