African-born solution goes global, owned by Quattro Internet Solutions, has launched globally. A mobile innovation coming from the African continent, Cliku allows end users and white label partners to create text / SMS messages with links to graphic-rich mobile pages and sites, while capturing campaign performance rates and user engagement via forms, polls and survey tools.

Cliku offers a full house of mobile marketing features; from a mobisite creator, opt-in list building functions and key metric and user-generated data feedback that help adjust mobile campaigns for greater effect. Cliku’ s tools make it easy to build, send and track a successful mobile marketing campaign, with powerful yet simple features that facilitate the sending of a link in an SMS that opens up to a mobile page with multimedia-rich messages.

Cliku says: “ The mobile revolution is happening and mobile m-commerce is changing consumer behaviour in the same way e-commerce has. A mobile site has the potential to reach a far larger audience than a traditional website and the increasing usage of smartphones is helping create smarter shoppers, as information is only a few keystrokes away. With its high level of consumer acceptance, mobile marketing provides instant communication since the mobile phone is always carried in person and always active.”

There are now far more mobile internet connected people in the world than there are personal desktop computer connected users. came to life in this fertile market and is offering mobile campaigning at a very low cost, targeting the mobile end-users, such as small businesses, but also offers integrations to white label partners with or without their own gateway, for instance banks, email service providers or media aggregators. Cliku helps build mobile sites and mobile landing pages with an easy-to-use editor that render well on over 5000 different handsets, free of charge.

Cliku says mobile purchases are forecast to increase to US$119-billion and mobile advertising revenue to USD20.6 billion globally by 2015.

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