Affordability will help improve access to technology – Huawei

The pricing of smartphones is limiting access to technology for the majority of Zambians and this presents an opportunity for smartphone manufacturers to cater to a growing consumer base in the country.

Speaking in Lusaka, Huawei Country Device Manager Li Mao says the consumer market for smartphones has been growing rapidly in Zambia despite prices remaining beyond the majority of Zambian buyers. He adds that due to the increasing number of mobile subscribers in Zambia, the smartphone market has significant potential for growth through delivery of affordable products.

“Huawei entered the Zambian market to deliver a range of products that cater to different consumer brackets and the growing popularity of smartphones means consumers are now looking for products that are affordable but offer popular features found in the high end models,” Li Mao says.

He adds that Huawei has introduced a range of products that are catering to consumers with a tight budget but looking to stay up to date with the latest smartphone technology.

“The P8 Lite model is an example of how we’re responding to consumer demand for affordable smartphones that retain top features. This smartphone is able to compete with most models on the market both locally and internationally, and is ideal for most consumers as it is reasonably priced,” notes Li Mao.

To ensure that access to affordable consumer technology is increased Huawei: has opened stores in Mufulira and Kitwe to cater to increasing demand for latest smartphones at affordable prices.

“Among Huawei’s smartphone portfolio, the P8 Lite has sold over 10 million units worldwide, and we expect the phone’s popularity to be similar in Zambia as it brings youthful energy at a lower cost to consumers, who continue to adopt the phone in record numbers,” Li Mao adds.

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