ABSA Botswana Managing Director, Keabetswe Pheko-Moshagane

Absa bank Botswana’s industrial branch was the perfect venue for the launch of the inaugural Branch digital corners. Absa bank has gone a step further in its quest to both curtail congestions in its banking halls in these trying times of the Covid 19 pandemic as well as flex the bank’s digital innovative muscle.

Speaking at the launch the bank’s Managing Director Keabetswe Pheko-Moshagane said the new development was one of the many innovative ideas that the bank has been putting out to its customers throughout the years. “We continue to accelerate digital first business and we will continue to focus ways to enhance our customer interaction with our bank all the time.

We are intentional about building a scalable digitally led business so that we can meet our customers ever-evolving needs. I am proud to announce that we have made notable strides in this regard, as we launched products and services such as: Sky Branch – which enables our customers to transact through our contact center over phone, NovoFX – a mobile app that allows foreign currency denominated transactions online. 

Chat Bot, Abby – a robot that enables customers to make enquiries and transact on WhatsApp. Business Banking app – which enabled our business banking clients to transact online. 

According to the MD, this increase in digital footprint at the bank has also translated into an increase in digital uptake. “Over the last year as we ramped our digitalization drive, we saw our customers increase their uptake of digital offerings by more than 34%, indicating that customer preferences are mounting towards self-service channels. “We are always looking for innovative solutions to help our customers do their business easily.  

Through our digital corner customers will be able to do an array of services easily and also reduce their presence in the banking halls,” she added.

The services that one can access from these digital corers include forex payments, transfers, bill payments, mobile wallet, and card management. Moreover, customers will have access to other services which include digital channels onboarding, digital channels activations and credit card payments to mention a few.

In 2020, the bank successfully completed a transition from Barclays Plc to Absa. At Absa, we call this Africanacity. “Through our Digital Corners, customers will be able to do an array of transactions online. This will save time and should also reduce queues in our branches as we have enhanced customer self-service channels.

Customer experience and client centricity remains at the core of our strategy. It is my hope that our Digital corner will enhance our customers’ experience by offering them convenience and improved serviced delivery.”

“As Absa Bank Botswana, our strategy is underpinned by driving digital adoption and utilisation for the safety of our customers as well as our customers’ convenience, our brand promise is centered in creating opportunities for our customers to make their possibilities real and supporting them every step of the way.

In this regard, we are steadfast in investing in our digital infrastructures to ensure that our customers’ needs are continuously met and indeed exceeded,” said Absa bank’s Valeta Mthimkhulu. 

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