Nigerian mobile operator 9mobile recently held a meeting with its subscribers at the Kano Customer Forum in order to field questions and provide on-the-spot resolutions to most of the concerns customers raised.

The mobile operator's objective was to  affirm its commitment to deepen its relationship with its subscribers.

The 9mobile team was led by the chief commercial officer Stjepan Udovicic; executive director, regulatory & corporate affairs Abdulrahman Ado; Ehimare Omoike, the director of customer care and sales director Oluwatosin Olulana.

Udovicic explained that the forum was designed to gain feedback from  9mobile's subscribers in the city to help them consistently meet their communication needs.

“This forum is very important for us. We want to know what you think about the company, the brand, and what you think about our products and services because we are eager to evolve. 9mobile is transforming; we are planning substantial changes to the company, but to make these changes right, we need to listen to our customers,” he said.

9mobile customer care director Ehimare Omoike explained that the forum was important for 9mobile ahead of its planning season.

“We thought it would be nice to come here to feel the pulse of our customers, hear from you as we go into our planning season, to look at how best to serve our customers here in Kano. The customer forum is an initiative where we go to major cities to hear from our customers what the challenges are and what they expect from us as a network,” he said.

The forum also featured raffle draw sessions where recharge cards and mobile phones were given out to lucky winners. One of the winners, Samson Onwani, commended 9mobile for appreciating the value of its customers by holding the forum.

"I am happy that that 9mobile recognized its customers. I am also happy with the flow of the session, particularly the explanations on the different questions raised during the event,” he said.

Another customer, Saadatu Ado, expressed also satisfaction with the clarifications the 9mobile team gave to issues raised by participants at the forum.

“I liked the interactive nature of the meeting. The 9mobile team was able to clarify many issues raised by customers, “she said.

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