9mobile, CTO, Deputy CTO, Dir of Strategy -Juergen Peschel - Baqi Salihu - Karn Gulati

Nigerian mobile telecommunications company 9mobile, has announced that it has appointed a new Chief Technical Officer (CTO), a Deputy Chief Technical Officer, and Director of Strategy within its senior management team.

Juergen Peschel has been appointed as the New CTO, Baqi Salihu, Deputy CTO, and Karn Gulati as Director of Strategy.

In their new roles, the trio will lead decisions in line with current trends and strategic vision within their respective areas, 9mobile says. They will provide hands-on leadership in ensuring that the 9mobile plans are fully aligned and structured to deliver its business goals.

Peschel's bio and new role

9mobile says Peschel will, in his role, oversee the evolution and integration of the company's technical functions. 

Peschel is an experienced professional with an international executive track record within the IT, managed services and telecommunications industry, including expertise in a wide variety of industry verticals and markets, the company says.

He has over 25 years of extensive international and operational experience as a technology and business leader. Over the years, he has led information technology teams, built VAS Services, IP, and transport networks for Vodafone across all European markets, and engaged with emerging markets across the world for subsea, carrier, and satellite services. He successfully launched the mobile payment service M-PESA in Kenya.

Salihu's new role and bio

9mobile says as Deputy CTO, Salihu will support the CTO to drive technology decisions in line with current trends and align the technical and transformation initiatives of 9mobile.

He is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of mobile telecoms engineering, operations, RF planning and optimization as well as digital services experience. He led the Network QOS and Support Department of 9mobile as the director of  network quality of service since June 2018.

Salihu executed the LTE re-farm solution using 1800MHz spectrum, achieving wider mobile broadband coverage, slashing the number of sites, and reducing carbon emissions while ensuring high-quality data service.

This project significantly reduced TCO, enhanced users' mobile broadband quality of experience, increased brand value for 9mobile, while also saving about $152m in spectrum fees. He joined 9mobile in December 2008.

Gulati's new role and bio

The new Director of Strategy, Gulati, will be responsible for developing strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives, says 9mobile.

He is a long-serving management consultant with over 12 years of experience in the telecom and technology sector. He has led advisory services teams focusing on telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry and has worked across India, Africa, and South East Asia for various telecom clients.

Gulati also took a break and founded a tech and food start-up during his entrepreneurial stint for three years. His accomplishments include programme management of large-scale projects, achieving operational excellence with digitization and process engineering, customer strategy, and greenfield launches.  

Commenting on their appointments, 9mobile CEO Alan Sinfield said: "9mobile remains fully committed to executing its business strategies with the help of a high-performing team of dedicated, hardworking employees.

The collective knowledge, expertise, and experience that Juergen, Baqi, and Karn bring to the organisation further strengthen our business. It reinforces our position at the forefront of delivering excellent products and services to our over 13 million customers. These promotions continue to consolidate the leadership of our organisation and are evidence of the great career opportunities that employment with 9mobile offers." 

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