Millicom International Cellular (MIC) S.A., operators of Tigo, is a leading international developer and operator of cellular telephone services worldwide primarily in emerging markets operating across Latin America and Africa.

The company provides affordable, widely accessible and readily available cellular telephony services to more than 30 million customers in 13 emerging markets in these continents.

The success of Tigo is based on the triple 'A' business model which stands for Affordability, Accessibility and Availability. This guarantees that our subscribers experience the best services at the most affordable rates throughout our 10 regions of Ghana and beyond.

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Tigo Digital Changemakers Competition celebrates 5 years of improving over 475,000 lives

Telecom operator Tigo is marking the 5th anniversary of its Tigo Digital Changemakers Competition and has committed to reinvesting an additional GHS135,000 to advance the impact of leading social entrepreneurs in the programme.