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One smartphone for work and play

Results from the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 Survey revealed that many companies see the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend – where personal devices are used for work purposes – as a growing threat. 75% of South African respondents noted that this trend is a growing concern but more than half of organisations have no official policy in place.*

The number of employees using their personal smartphone device in the work environment can present challenges for business; but innovative security solutions can assist to mitigate this risk by separating work and personal information, on one device, in a controlled and secure manner.  

“The rise in technological convergence means mobile devices are increasingly being used for work and personal use,” said Paulo Ferreira, Head of Enterprise Mobility, Samsung South Africa. “We are proud to announce the availability of Samsung KNOX – a security feature available on premium Samsung smartphones that securely divides work from play, where the same device can be used effectively for both environments.

Samsung KNOX is designed to enhance the security of the Android platform and is a complete enterprise management solution for both employees and businesses. Samsung KNOX creates a new ‘layer’ on the Samsung smartphone, to securely divide personal and professional activities. In many cases, employees want to be able to play games, take photos, and communicate with family and friends via social networking sites whilst still being able to access work resources, such as the intranet or company email, to remain productive when away from the office.

In order to make this possible, an employee who is participating in the company’s BYOD programme, can be assured that the IT administrator will be able to manage business content on the device, without invading the employee’s privacy. “This is important for the organisation to safeguard information and reduce the likelihood of data leakage or misappropriation. Beyond that, the employee can be assured that all personal data on the device remains restricted against the IT department’s scrutiny,” says Ferreira.

With KNOX, personal and corporate data is protected from on another through ‘containerisation’ – a highly secure vessel which houses company content separately to private information, on a Samsung device. The KNOX container provides security by isolating enterprise applications and encrypting data, both at-rest and in motion. “With the dual-persona platform, a single Samsung device can now be used for both work and play. KNOX provides convenience for IT departments looking to implement and manage BYOD strategies, while reassuring users that their personal information remains confidential,” explained Ferreira.

Samsung KNOX integrates with the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) suites capabilities available, like Airwatch, MobileIron, SAP Afaria, CA, Citrix Xenmobile, Fiberlink and SOTI. It features FIPS 140-2 certified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher algorithm with a 256-bit key (AES-256) which offers the level of security required by government and regulated industries such as healthcare and finance.

“We are delighted to introduce Samsung KNOX to the local market. As employees continue to use their Samsung devices for personal and business related activities, the need for an effective solution to securely separate these tasks has become critical. The advanced security and management features of Samsung KNOX make it the ideal Android platform for enterprise deployment,” concludes Ferriera.

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