Recent Ivory Coast News

Solarplaza and GOGLA build leading conference brand for solar energy in Sub-Saharan Africa


Solarplaza and GOGLA are proud to announce the second edition of Unlocking Solar Capital (USC) Africa. After hosting ...

Societe Generale launches YUP, a new alternative to the traditional banking model in Africa

Value Added Services

Deployed in Ivory Coast and Senegal, YUP already has more than 30,000 open wallets and ...

Unlocking Solar Capital Africa conference features first Solar Power Incubator


Solaplaza’s ‘Unlocking Solar Capital Africa’ conference, an event focused on connecting solar project development and ...

Ivory Coast Highlight

African CTOs elect Africa TechNet Network


90 City Chief Technical Officers (CTOs) from 41 African countries took part in a meeting in Ivory Coast that witnessed the election of the members of the governing team of a new ‘Africa TechNet’ Network against climate change.