Thousands watch Hope City launch

Thousands of people from all walks of life watched a ceremony on television networks in Accra signifying the historic take off of the USD10 billion ICT Hub and developmental enclave in Ghana.

Over 300 privileged guests joined an array of high profile dignitaries, including the Ghana's President John Mahama, to launch the project which will take between 3-5 years to complete.

Dubbed Hope City, it will have Africa's tallest building, at a height of 270m. It will be built on empty land and will employ about 50,000 people and house 25,000 people.

rlg Communications’ CEO, Roland Agambire told the large audience at the launch event: “Europeans, Americans and Asians may soon have to come to africa to have their ICT business facilitated. And when that happens Ghana and africa would have become the future of ICT and related business."

President Mahama said the private sector would spearhead the building of Hope City. "Government has led growth since independence with all the major investments. The time has come for the private sector to take over," he said at the project's launch.

"We can see that already in several sectors, including ICT [information, communications and technology] and telecom." 
He said “The Hope City Project is in line with government’s commitment to working with the private sector to facilitate growth and ensure the fiscal development of our country".

He added that “as you are all aware, knowledge is driving the world; technology parks, cyber city, e-government and Silicon Valley are pushing the boundaries of the impossible. Wealth and economic growth is no longer dependent on how much gold, timber or oil you have."

Ali Faramwy, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, said information technology had improved on investments and innovations and the desire of rlg to expand its activities would in the long run create more jobs with massive innovations.

He said there was the need to equip the youth with skills and knowledge in information technology as the future was in their hands to develop the country in the coming years.

“We are also developing ICT to cover the playing of football which have for some time attracted some criticisms in terms of accuracy in goals scoring,” he said.

Agambire said:"What we are trying to do here is to develop the apps [applications] from scratch," he said. "This will enable us to have the biggest assembling plant in the world to assemble various products - over one million within a day."  

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