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BiztechAfrica.com, serving as the voice of Africa's ICT sector for the past seven years, is the hub of news and insight around the innovations, achievements and opinions of Africa's ICT sector to showcase African innovation, drive investment, facilitate business partnerships and grow Africa's information society.

Biztechafrica.com delivers news and insight that helps ICT business-focused readers across the continent harness ICTs to grow their businesses or drive socio-economic change. Readers abroad use it as a reference tool to understand market conditions and identify potential business partners across Africa.

With targeted news sections focused on Business, Government, Telecoms, Mobile, Broadcasting, Software, Computing, Value Added Services, App Development, Internet, Information security and socio- economic development, your line of business is covered.

We invite you to send us your news and opinions for inclusion in Biztechafrica.com news. All relevant submissions are considered, and there is no charge for publishing your news, views and event notices.

We want to hear your views on technology and business in your region, in opinion and in depth articles; update us on your government’s progress in the digital realm; assess the ongoing convergence of broadcasting and ICTs; highlight innovative business models; and, of course, we want to publish news of your events, awards and business deals.

If you work within the public sector, an NGO, the education, health or agriculture sector, tell us about your use of ICTs or how ICTs could improve your work.

There are no deadlines, since Biztechafrica.com is updated daily, 365 days a year. If you have news you would like to share, mail us at [email protected]


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