SnooCODE addressing app released for iOS

tinyDAVID has announced the launch of SnooCODE, a revolutionary addressing app, for iOS, continuing its mission to provide an address for every man, woman and child in Ghana.

SnooCODE is a free app that solves the problem of the lack of addresses in huge swathes of developing countries. It provides unique geolocation based codes, SnooCODEs, which can be used to provide directions to any location in Ghana; accurate to within seven meters and completely secure. SnooCODE users require a GPS enabled phone but the app can be used without an internet connection.

SnooCODE demonstrates inclusion through a service taken for granted in so many countries. It can be used to resolve everything from logistical issues to eCommerce to tracking outbreaks of disease. It has seen over 12,000 users download the app, since its launch on Andriod in 2011.

tinyDAVID founder Sesinam Dagadu, recent winner of the Entrepreneurial  award at the British Council Alumni Awards, said today “In Ghana, most people live without official addresses, even in urban areas and our mission is to bring this service, something so many take for granted, to communities all over the country. Following our successful launch on Andriod, this is the exciting next step for our business as we release for users of iOS and reach even more people with our pioneering technology.”

In 2015, SnooCode partnered with the Ghana National Ambulance Service (GNAS), to give people throughout the country the opportunity to benefit from faster response times. Now the iOS release means the service can reach even more communities. A variant of SnooCODE, SnooCODE RED, is utilised by the GNAS in Accra and Kumasi with further major city rollouts planned for 2017.

The SnooCODE RED project is being further extended this year with a collaboration with biomedical engineers from Oxford University, to create a portable medical device toolbox that can be used on a motorbike ambulance. Aimed at communities without access to health and emergency services due to poor road networks, the toolbox will capitalize on US brain image analysis and machine learning algorithm development to optimize tablet-based data processing creating a platform for Emergency Medical Technicians to perform on the spot screenings in emergency situations.

SnooCODE is available now through the Apple App Store for iOS and through the Google Play Store for Android.


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