She’s no Siri: Aimy is an AI for lifestyle and discovery

Unloop Limited has announced the launch of ‘Unloop,’ an app with artificial intelligence designed to change your lifestyle and show you the best the world has to offer – whether at home or travelling.

Unloop’s AI, “Aimy,” now available on iOS devices, is “like a well-connected friend, instead of a personal assistant,” says Unloop founder and CEO, Noach Ben-Haim, who said that he chose London for the service’s initial launch because he realized that even as a Londoner himself, the city has more to offer than even natives imagine.

So, what is Aimy, exactly?  “Aimy is an unapologetically outspoken artificial intelligence designed to get you out of your boring routine of appointments and reminders, and enjoy life,” says Ben-Haim.  “Aimy is designed to expand your horizons, break your routine and push you outside your ‘comfort bubble’ while at the same time intelligently accounting for your personality, lifestyle choices and other variables to match you with experiences you’ll love, but never would have thought of doing.”

Developed with city discovery in mind, Aimy learns about you and the sort of things you already enjoy doing, and intuitively suggests new events to experience, places to visit, and people to meet that will have you living life to its fullest.   

Patent-pending algorithms and machine learning through users’ own responses also mean that suggestions are enhanced over time.

The first AI to answer the age-old question: “What should I do tonight?”

Existing smartphone AIs, such as Apple’s Siri make for an excellent personal assistant - they will do what you ask, within their capabilities - be it placing a call, sending a text, checking the weather, providing directions, or even booking reservations at a restaurant.

But what if you don’t know exactly what you want to do or where you want to go?

“Until now, you’d be forced to revert to conventional, impersonal web sites, magazines and apps that are at their core little more than mega-sized lists that overwhelm users with choices,” Ben-Haim says.  “After almost a year of development, we believe we’ve finally came up with a better alternative in Aimy.”

Unlike a personal assistant, “Aimy” doesn’t only “speak when spoken to” and isn’t afraid to “speak her mind.”  When Aimy takes notice that you have a break in your schedule, don’t be surprised if she offers you some recommendations for fun - without being asked. 

Don’t worry though - the familiar, instant message-style user interface means Aimy won’t be blurting out verbally during your next business meeting.  Over time, Aimy learns about your locations and schedule, too.

By being proactive and offering simple, concise ideas to fill your free time, Unloop and Aimy offer users a chance to actually do something right now rather than endlessly reading about things they could do at some point in the future - and rarely actually doing them. “Users are more apt to take action when not deluged with impersonal recommendations and ‘options,’” Ben-Haim says.

Expanding to additional world cities in 2017

Unloop says it plans to launch its Aimy AI in other world cities next year.  Those under consideration include San Francisco, NYC, and Los Angeles in the U.S., as well as other world cities like Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Dubai.

“We anticipate three major user groups,” Ben-Haim said.  “City dwellers wanting to expand their horizons and try new things; travelers visiting an unfamiliar city; and those who just moved to a major city and are looking to connect with the city, its places, culture and people.”

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