Senegal passes 11m mobile subscriber mark

Senegal has over 11 million mobile subscribers, giving it a penetration of over 94%, says the country’s regulator.

Figures released this week for the last quarter of 2012 indicate that the country has 11,470,646 mobile subscribers. There were 2,144,818 million new subscribers (1 million to Orange, 847,810 to 262,150 for Expresso and Tigo), equivalent to an increase of 22.64%.

The three operators have respectively 7,118,160 (Orange) 2,640,650 (Tigo) and 1,711,836 (Expresso) subscribers.

The regulator, ARTP, noted that the Senegalese population is estimated at 12,171,265 inhabitants, therefore over 11 million subscribers would amount to a penetration rate of 94.24%. However, many subscribers hold multiple SIM cards.

ARTP added that there are 628,621 internet subscribers in Senegal (an increase of 84%). This amounts to a penetration rate of only around 5.2%.

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