Schneider Electric trains 50,000 in energy management

Schneider Electric has announced that it has trained more than 50,000 people from new economies in energy management as part of BipBop, its energy access program for communities at the base of the pyramid. Schneider Electric has far exceeded its initial objective to train 40,000 people by the end of 2014, set as part of the Planet and Society Barometer, the company’s dashboard to monitor its sustainable development performance.

The aim of the Schneider Electric BipBop program, launched in 2009, is to help resolve the issue of energy access by implementing a virtuous circle based on three pillars: social investments (Business), the creation of specific products (Innovation) and training (People). Thanks to these three initiative types which run simultaneously, BipBop strives to create an ecosystem favourable to energy access and the emergence of an economic and social dynamic. The purpose of the BipBop Training pillar is to support and develop training programs on activities linked to energy management (electricity, industrial maintenance, etc.) in order to overcome the lack of local expertise in emerging economies and to increase the standard of living of people in disadvantaged communities.

"We are delighted with these excellent results in training people at the bottom of the pyramid, and they encourage us to step up our efforts. Training is the key to success of all the actions we take through BipBop”, said Gilles Vermot Desroches, Sustainability Senior Vice-President at Schneider Electric. “It allows local communities to obtain the long-term skills required to maintain and sell energy access solutions. Through the diffusion of this know-how, the social business initiative launched by Schneider Electric many years ago is gradually bearing fruit.”

BipBop Training implements two main types of actions:

- Equipping training centres with the electrical and teaching material required for learning and practical work. Thanks to these teaching resources, these centres can offer evening classes (120 hours per person), short training courses for certification (up to 4 months) or training courses leading to a qualification (1 to 3 years) dedicated to the energy trades;

Training of the trainers by relying on the involvement of current and retired employees of Schneider Electric through initiatives such as Schneider Electric Teachers or Pass ONG, which establish a platform for sharing experiences between specialists from Schneider Electric and teaching bodies.

The projects and actions led by BipBop Training are financed by the Schneider Electric Foundation, as part of its commitment to support the professional integration of young people. Each initiative is implemented in partnership with NGOs and local authorities.


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