Safaricom targets road safety

Safaricom Limited and the Media Owners Association have launched a three-year multi-sectoral road safety programme aimed at addressing run away road carnage. 

The National Road Safety Programme is a grand plan conceptualised by Safaricom and the Media Owners Association to promote responsible and proper usage of the road by all road users. 

The programme will be spearheaded by an 11-member Trust, whose membership includes the government, Traffic Police, Safaricom, MOA, Matatu Owners Association, Kenyatta National Hospital, EABL, Total, General Motors and Direct Line Assurance.

Speaking at the programme’s launch, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore hailed the birth of the Road Safety Programme, which he termed a much needed respite for a gnawing societal problem. 

“In Kenya, road accidents have become an acceptable part of our lives. Repeated occurrences have resulted in overexposure and the corresponding fatigue; and as a nation therefore, we seem resigned to fate. And given that we are approaching the accident prone December period, the timing of this launch couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Collymore.

At the core of this initiative is a concerted educational campaign aimed at influencing behavioural change on the part of all road users. The initiative, which is anchored on the clarion call, ‘Toa Sauti’, will sensitize Kenyans on the need to take personal responsibility for their actions as drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Presently, Kenya records more than 3000 deaths a year as a result of road accidents making it the country with one of the highest road accident incidents in the world. Given that this figure only takes into account those who die at the scene of the accident, the actual statistics of those killed and maimed are estimated to be in their tens of thousands. 

“The media plays a crucial role in highlighting matter of national importance. Over the years, we have reported on injuries and deaths resultant from road accidents. We did this as news; but now, media owners want to play their role in galvanizing Kenyans to take action to end road carnage. Through this partnership, we can save lives,” said Kiprono Kittony, Chairman Media Owners Association.

The newly launched Road Safety Programme will complement various efforts put in place by the government and the private sector including the famous Michuki Rules and the recently enacted National Transport and Safety Authority Act 2012.

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