Online Solutions offers answer for vehicle and property owners

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Vehicle owners in Botswana have been given a lifeline by a local IT company that helps monitor and track the activities of their vehicles. Online Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a proudly Botswana born and run company has been operating in the space of Information Technology, Security Solutions and specialised system design in Botswana since 2016.

During an interview with biztechafrica on the sidelines of an annual exhibition here at the trade fair grounds, the management of the organisation said: “We are technology-centric with solid technical expertise hence ensuring that all our products and services are reliable and after sale support is impeccable. Online Solutions aims to create viable cloud based services in Botswana, Africa and globally whilst factoring in constraints with developing infrastructure and bandwidth. We currently specialize in Vehicle and Asset Tracking as well as Online Streaming.”

According to OS, the company’s  tracking solutions consist of several devices purpose-designed for all types of vehicles, equipment, livestock and game, covert installations, parcels as well as remotely located items. The devices, the company told biztechafrica, communicate via GSM or GPS, and can be hardwired for power, operate for years on their own battery or utilize built in solar to recharge batteries.

“In addition to just tracking there are a variety of built-in sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, light, movement and orientation. Some models also have inputs that allow almost any third-party sensor to be incorporated as required.”

In a nutshell, this is how the system operates, according to the information passed to biztechafrica: Once the most suitable hardware is installed, the  rest of the work is done by the software which is accessible by the user 24/7 from any browser and/or smart phone. “Our most competitive advantage, other than price point, is that the user has full control over their portal which is highly intuitive, user-friendly and feature rich without additional charges,” they report. "Some of the most notable features are a 24/7/365 live tracking, a full history sent to the client, custom alerts, digital logbook, driver tracking, driver scoring, many exportable reports, maintenance reminders, unlimited users as well as google maps integration for the most up to date maps and satellite images.”

Online Solutions added that, on top of the aforementioned unique services on offer, there is also customised online streaming services that are generally perceived as incredibly complicated and expensive. “We have designed our system around these concerns and are able to offer several solutions which are affordable and adaptable with high functionality to meet the end users’ requirements,” biztechafrica was told.

For the Botswana market, “Our servers are hosted right here in Botswana, which means that buffering will not be an issue. Our team is based here as well, so any issues will be dealt with locally. Online Solutions consists of a young locally based team with extensive experience, expertise and resources relating to information technology, networking, communication, marketing and sales, the automotive industry, insurance and specialized technology driven solutions. We believe that team work makes the dream work and between our internal team, strategic partners and service providers we are able to deliver world class service and products based on sound entrepreneurial and technical knowledge,” they added.

Online Solutions says their immediate focus is to dominate the tracking market in Botswana and that their starting point so far has been very promising due to the unique applications and affordable packages the company offers. “Once we have established ourselves in the market, we will likely introduce similar solutions in the future to further enrich and add value to Botswana and the general population.”

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