Kenya Defence Forces Twitter account hacked

By Semaj Itosno, Nairobi, Kenya

The Twitter account of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has been infiltrated by hacking group dubbed #Anonymous (@Anon_0*03).

The hackers also ‘broke’ into the twitter account of KDF spokesperson Major Emmanuel Chirchir and left a series of abusive tweets earlier today.

“So much poverty in Africa while you are wasting money in guns,” read one of the messages the group posted on KDF's Twitter account.

KDF spokesperson Major Emmanuel Chirchir urged Kenyans on twitter to ignore the messages saying the military was doing all it could to get control of the two accounts.

The group had also defaced the website of the National Environment Trust Fund (Netfund) before it was restored on Monday morning.

Netfund is under the Ministry of Environment and was established to mobilise funds for environmental management, capacity building, environmental awards and environmental publications.

Gichuki John Ndirangu an IT  Security Analyst and Penetration Tester  said seemingly Kenyan systems are going online, and and the government is not ready for Counter Cyber attacks, Counter Cyber Terror and even Cyber Warfare capability.

“We have companies which are real good in Information risk and they literally can take on any target, but our government is still old school, and to recruit these firms to help them bring up their C4ISR to the next level which will take years and a lot of damage will have been done before then,” decried Ndirangu on an online forum, Kictanet.

“This Social Media and Online Security breach was done by some 'script kiddle' from anonymous, what if the real Anonymous went for MOD, and did a similar attack like they had on Hbgary, Mantech and DOD. Now that would be serious damage and that is what will happen next,” said Ndirangu.

Contributing to the debate, Adam Nelson said: “The group responsible has already posted screenshots from within the KDF email system - so it's probable that these 'script kiddies' have downloaded all email from that network.  If I was part of GoK I would be really hoping that the MoD has multiple networks in an onion model and that this compromise is only on the outer layer (i.e. classified but not top secret) ... but it's doubtful.” 

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