M-money coming to Ethiopia

Irish firm M-Birr, in partnership with Mukuru.com and M-Birr parent firm NCL Technologies, will roll out mobile money services in Ethiopia soon.
The services will be launched through M-Birr’ s subsidiary in Ethiopia, M-Birr ICT Services Plc.

Thierry Artaud, M-Birr Limited COO and General Manager of M-Birr ICT Services Plc, said the launch of the services had been delayed because of changes in the telecoms sector, including the change of management at Ethio Telecom.

However, the company has now reached agreements with government and banks and is preparing to launch its services.

M-Birr notes that Ethiopia is the fifth-fastest growing economy worldwide according to the Economist, and the fastest in Africa. There has been more than USD1.5 Billion invested in the mobile network and tens of billions are being invested in the national infrastructure. A national fibre loop has recently been completed across the country and SEACOM cables are connecting Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

The company says in particular, Ethiopia’ s mobile subscriber base is rapidly increasing, and the mobile network is the only infrastructure that is available to many people. This is why mobile money is ranked as the fastest growing application of mobile technology across Africa by Gartner.

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