Ghanaians to be issued with new smart Ghana Card in November

By Nana Appiah Acquaye, Accra, Ghana

Head of Information Technology (IT) at the National Identification Authority (NIA) Matilda Wilson has disclosed that National Identification Authority is prepared and ready to issue instant smart National ID cards under a very strict multi-level verification process come the 20th of November, 2017.

The new smart card, dubbed Ghana Card, is expected to replace all other national electronic identifications cards and could be used by Ghanaians to access not only services in Ghana but also within the West African sub-region.

Speaking to in Accra as part of the just ended Cyber Security Week celebration, Ms Wilson noted that citizens wanting to acquire the new Ghana Card after submitting a valid passport or birth certificate as proof of ID, will be taken through rigorous process to ascertain the authenticity of the claims before they are issued with one.

"Even the birth certificates and passports will be put to strict verification to ensure they were issued by the appropriate authorities before they will be accepted," she said.

According to her, the highly secured and sophisticated national ID platform has been connected to various ID issuing agencies and for that matter would not be in the interest of any applicant to provide information which is at variance with what exists elsewhere.

"Once we issue the Ghana Card all information about applicants will now be sourced from NIA so if you go somewhere for a service you would not be required to provide any information about yourself apart from your Ghana Card and the service provider will revert to NIA electronically to verify your details. So if you lie to us it will follow you forever and if you go and lie anywhere about who you are, it will be easily detected," she said.

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