Econet launches Ecocash commuter service

By Alfonce Mbizwo, Hatrare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Econet today launched an Ecocash commuter service, which will be used by Ecocash subscribers to pay commuter omnibus fares.

Econet services executive Darlington Mandivenga said the move will put an end to change problems in the public transport business, particularly short distance trips, as well as supermarkets where some dealers are already using the Ecocash platform.

Commuter omnibus operators who are accredited as agents accept fares direct from passengers during trips.

At the moment, Ecocash has accredited more than 200 commuter omnibuses.

“As of Friday last week, we had registered 200 kombis and the number continues to grow,” he added.

The Ecocash platform already has almost 2 million users.

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