DCA ‘vindicated’ by ICANN decision

DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust) says ICANN’s decision to approve its request for a change in its application will put an end to confusion.

ICANN has approved DCA’s request to change its gTLD application from ‘dotafrica’ to .africa.

DCA said in a statement: “The confirmation of this patiently-awaited development was communicated to DCA Trust by the ICANN new gTLD Customer Services Team on the eve of the ICANN-45 International Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

It said the ICANN approval of the change request for the .Africa string name is an official affirmation that DCA Trust indeed applied for the .Africa string name, and not'(dot).Africa' or '.DotAfrica' or 'DotDotAfrica' as was erroneously reported by ‘certain sections of the media and by some mischief-makers who wanted to disparage DCA's new gTLD application.’

“Since the ICANN Reveal Day on 13th June 2012, DotConnectAfrica Trust has always insisted, including issuing a public clarification that its new gTLD Application submitted to ICANN is for the 'Africa' geographic name which references an exact 6-character ASCII string.”

DCA described the move as “a strong public vindication of DCA's spirited defense of the .Africa string name that it applied for, thereby making any string confusion or a contentious objection procedure on grounds of string similarity completely unnecessary and unwarranted.

Furthermore, it said ICANN's official confirmation of DCA's application for .Africa gTLD string name would put an end to the apparent string confusion issue that DCA's competitor and opponents tried to capitalize upon to insist that there is only one applicant for .Africa.

Both DotConnectAfrica Trust and UniForum ZA Central Registry have applied for the gTLD.

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