CENE Media launches free Wi-Fi Zones in partnership with BoFinet

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

As Botswana gravitates towards a total Internet of Things (IoT) space, all efforts are being explored by various organisations to take the country to the next level. A local ISP, CENE Media has come up with ways to get Wi-Fi to the people for free.

CENE City is a partnership between CENE Media and BoFinet to offer Free Wi-Fi zones nationwide to the end users. There are 34 operational zones located mainly at malls, airports and hospitals across Botswana. The CENE City solution will provide a quality free internet service. BoFinet will use their hotspots infrastructure to enable this vision.  

According to the proponents of the project, the estimated reach, through enabling this free browsing service will be 100,000 users within the first few months and reaching 200,000 per month by December 2019. This will give the businesses a captive market to advertise their new services geared towards a very definite audience. Businesses can design bespoke adverts directly to this CENE City service. The system will provide smart reporting monthly such as how many clicks on their adverts and they can then calculate the effectiveness in relation to their marketing spend.

 “This will provide value for money platform which will pave the way forward for digital marketing in Botswana. Adverts can be designed with a direct call to action which is dynamite in the marketing industry. Digital advertising is environmentally friendly and the green way to advertise your products in the 21st century. It is also very cost effective to change a digital advert compared to the traditional models where the production costs for changing billboard adverts is massively prohibitive. Due to lower costs, digital adverts can follow market trends quickly giving the businesses competitive advantage.

The Chairman of CENE Media Daniel Neo Moroka is also the chairman of the Vision 2036 council. Under his stewardship CENE Media is driven to act as an enabler for effectively connecting people to the connected world. The CENE City concept has been designed with both the vision 2036 and National broadband strategy in mind. CENE City will enable an active collaboration platform between the three sectors being government, private and civil society.

This three way partnership will energise a sustainable model for enhanced data consumption within Botswana. The overall vision of the National Broadband strategy 2036 is to connect every citizen and business to a high speed broadband infrastructure with a good quality service at an affordable price. One of the key government objectives is to build sustainable infrastructure promoting inclusive smart cities while promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

The CENE City project will enable these very effectively. CENE City will have a portal designed to engage the consumers and to make available online Botswana entertainment content. The portal will offer services like the purchase of tickets, events and others.  

As an added advantage, “CENE City will offer on-line Botswana radio and TV for free without any data costs. The payment services will be white listed so they don’t need any transactional data. The portal will also offer an on-line store in early 2019.

The products on offer will be data consuming devices such as smart cameras for your home, Access Points and mobile phones. The portal will encourage users to view videos and have interactive quizzes with prizes to enlighten the user’s experience. CENE City presents a whole new world of possibilities and its services are limitless, enabling a better digital experience for its users without hurting the wallet or purse.

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