CAMTEL, GTS-Infotel in interconnection deal for fixed/Cdma networks to Infotel Network

Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) and Global Telecom Services (GTS-Infotel) Cameroon SA have signed a Convention in Yaounde concerning the interconnection between CAMTEL's fixed and CDMA networks and the Infotel network operated by GTS-Infotel, to introduce a complete range of value-added communications solutions over the local Internet network, dedicated to enterprises and administrations.

Based on Infotel numbers (ie VAS numbers with prefix 8 of the national numbering plan), the Infotel network is a new virtual network of digital communications services between the application platforms of the companies (identified by their Infotel number), and the consumers connected via the Mobinawa app (identified by their mobile number). The Infotel network supports authenticated and secure conversational (Voice/Video/SMS) and transactional (SMS/MMS) communications between all its subscribers (legal entities and physical persons).

Through this interconnection agreement, CAMTEL’s fixed and CDMA subscribers will be able to access the value-added Voice/SMS services of Infotel network’s companies by dialing the dedicated Infotel number at free of charge or standard access tariff. Similarly, employees of the Infotel network’s companies will be able to call and send SMS messages to subscribers of all networks (Fixed, CDMA and GSM) from their mobile terminal at a single cheaper rate.

According to the signatories, this is a revolution in the world of Internet Protocol (IP) telephony. According to Dr. Ing. Pierre-François KAMANOU, CEO of GTS-Infotel Cameroon SA: "I am particularly pleased to sign this first interconnection agreement with CAMTEL, which reflects the incumbent's interest in enabling the development of new licensed local private network operators, introducing innovative solutions such as ours. Thanks to this agreement, all administrations and enterprises using the CAMTEL Internet broadband network will now be able to subscribe to a single Infotel number associated with our cloud based application platforms to meet all their modern needs for internal and external mobile communication, Enhanced customer experience and mobile marketing, while reducing associated costs. It is therefore a disruptive solutions offer suitable to the digital transformation of Administrations and Enterprises, in accordance with the objectives of the Cameroon Digital Strategic Plan 2010 elaborated by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.”

For his part, David NKOTO EMANE, Managing Director of Cameroon Telecommunications, recalled that "Camtel remains consistent in its ambition to facilitate the development of value-added initiatives to improve the quality of telecom services offering in our country." He added: "GTS-Infotel's project is in line with the objective of the incumbent telecommunications operator in Cameroon, to provide innovative services at low cost, to all market segments, while also promoting the national initiative through local SMEs."

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