Award winner strikes deal with Orange Botswana

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Locally based pint-sized award-winning Odirile Sento a.k.a Vee Mampeezy has been on the Orange Botswana radar for a very long time. Mampeezy who recently came out tops in the2017 Metro FM Music Awards (MMA), “One Africa Award” had the telephony services provider eating from his palms at a recent welcome event hosted by orange Botswana. Vee Mampeezy is a partner with Orange in a number of the organisation’s initiatives and promotions. Odirile “Vee Mampeezy” Sento is currently Brand Ambassador of Orange Botswana.

Speaking at the welcome gala, Orange CEO Dr. Patrick Benon, said: “You will note from our history that the recent partnership with Vee is an extension of an already existing strong passion that Orange has towards the local music industry.”

Benon said a decade has passed since they wallowed in Vee Mampeezy’s fame. “It’s been almost 10 years since Orange and Vee came together to form this relationship that has turned into an amazing partnership. We continue to enjoy the fruits borne from our association. We celebrate a partnership between two big brands, which in itself signifies the importance of collaboration. Having been in business for the past 19 years, we have learnt that the success of any brand is directly influenced by the nature of relationships it builds with other people or entities. That is why we value collaboration, partnerships, and a sense of togetherness at Orange. 

Orange had previously collaborated with other local artists according to Benon. “Our actions to support music and local artists date as far back as 2008. We worked with local musicians Scar, Vee and DramaBoi to bring the attention of Batswana to their talents.

The relationship with Vee started in 2008 when Orange Botswana sponsored the release of Vee’s limited copy album, “Party Animals”. This initiated a series of collaborations leading to 2015 when we engaged him on a 7-town tour to sensitise Batswana on our smartphone offers.”

Last year, we sponsored the ‘Africa’ video, which was shot in South Africa and we also stood with him during the launch of the album ‘I Do’ at Molapo Plazza. We have now taken our relationship with Vee to another level, hence the reason we are celebrating today.

I personally know Vee to be a diligent and talented musician. This is evident from his growing fame and hard work, which led him to winning the 2017 Metro FM Music Awards (MMA), “One Africa Award”.

Elaborating on the exigencies of the role played by the brand ambassador Orange said As Orange Botswana, we identify ourselves as a positive, bold and inspiring brand. We also see ourselves as a brand that is accessible to people and connected to them in real and relevant ways – this is what we always strive for.

Vee Mampeezy is a talented, professional and inspirational artist. He embodies all our values: he is a bold, positive and inspiring figure for all. The marriage between Orange Botswana and Vee Mampeezy is the perfect match, which will benefit not only those contracted, but all our valued customers. As a brand ambassador, Vee represents Orange Botswana on key and relevant platforms He is very much the face of our brand. He will feature in and support various campaigns.

Accordingly, the parameters of the agreement entails that “Orange Botswana and Vee have entered into a 1-year brand ambassador contract. The agreement will see Vee represent Orange Botswana in its media campaigns to help increase awareness of its products and services, as well as through engagement with key stakeholders as we work to consistently strengthen all our relationships and levels of stakeholder engagement. 

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