Nitin Anand, Segun Macaulay, Adefemi Adeniran and David Umoh

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

Leading telecommunications services provider Airtel Nigeria has unveiled SmartSpeedoo, a revolutionary service that allow customers experience real data while browsing at affordable tariff and enjoying free megabytes.

Airtel Smart Speedoo, which can be activated using *141#, was unveiled at the press conference in Ikeja, Lagos.

Airtel Chief Commercial Officer Ahmad Mokhles said the company is passionate about creating innovative mobile Internet platforms, value offerings and opportunities that will help telecoms consumers in Nigeria stay connected and be fully empowered to fulfill their dreams.

“Airtel Nigeria is intensely interested in democratizing data tariff and we have taken a huge step forward in this journey in line with our major objective of becoming the provider of first choice for mobile Internet services,” Mokhles added.

Speaking on how Airtel Speedo works, Vice President, Data & Digital Services at Airtel, Nitin Anand, said customers using Smart Speedoo enjoy low rates in addition to free data the more they browse.

“When a customer uses up to 10mb at 1kobo/kb, Airtel gives him 10mb free. And when his usage gets to 50mb, the browsing rate drops to 0.5kobo/kb, then he gets 50mb free. When the customer’s usage reaches 100mb, the rate drops further to 0.2kobo/kb and he is given 100mb free,” Anand explained.

Anand further noted that this cycle continues every month, thereby giving Airtel customers the FREE SURF experience. 

While commenting on the superfast 3G internet, which Smart Speedoo rides on, Nitin noted that Airtel has the largest deployment of 3G Internet Provider (IP) sites in the country enabling the telco offer internet speed of up to 42mbps, which is very close to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) speed.

“Almost 80 to 85 percent of all Airtel 3G sites in Nigeria are IP enabled so they can give you the speed of 42mbps, this speed is similar to the speed you get on LTE network. So, we can proudly announce that customers can get real data experience on the Airtel 3G network, which is equal to 4G speed,” Anand said.

Head, Data & portals, Airtel, David Umoh in his presentation explained that Airtel customers using the service do not need to remember USSD code to buy data or worry about their airtime being used up when out of data while browsing, as SmartSpeedoo gives pop-up notifications to show usage.

The telecommunications company noted that Airtel Smart Speedoo gives ‘free internet in everyone’s hand’ as it enables customers to be in control of their data usage while also surfing at a very low rate.

Airtel noted that it will continue to roll out more innovative services designed to further empower Nigerians and offer them FREE SURF experience.

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